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I would not recommend this card. I have had several occurrences where card fails when used, then it is swiped again and works and it places two charges on authorization.

This is fine if like a normal debit card, but they hold authorizations for 15 days!! They claim it is Visa's policy but that is bs having had several debit cards in my life. The only way to free up your money is to have the merchant contact them with you and remove the authorization. Right now I have a new $120 authorization on my card that will not fall off for another 15 days, along with the actual $120 charge, so $240 all together.

I would recommend Netspend over Wired anyday.

They don't seem to understand the conflict that occurs when $100s of dollars of authorizations sit on your card for half a month, not allowing you to access your money when you need it. Beware.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States #801347

I had the same thing happen at a gas station. They are crooks ( wired plastic) they are holding on to our money. There is no reason to do so, the real transaction took place.

Muncie, Indiana, United States #694345

I agree with what I have read. I bought a JUICE at a gas station and it cost $1.

Wired Plastic authorized $50 against the account, as if I bought gas. I called them with the merchant on the phone and they corrected it. They suggest I run it as debit,(which would cost me $1 to used the PIN). When I did it that way, it did it again.

When I called back THIS time, I was told there was nothing they could do and tried to pacify me by saying it would fall off in 48 hours. I got belligerent! I asked them to acknowledge how long I have been a customer (since 02/2004) and they couldn't just give me a simple answer. I demanded escalation.

After overhearing someone referring to me as a liar regarding my complaint, I demanded management and after 40 minutes, my issue was resolved. Despite the issues with Wired Plastic, they are less expensive than some. However, I was getting direct deposit on it and since then, I have changed to something that appears to me more reliable. Because of our history for so many years, I am still trying to keep the business.

However, it is wearing thin, especially that I have to call local toll for customer services and the AVR acts as though it doesn't recognize my information. :x


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