I have had a Wired Plastic card since July 2004 and have never had a problem with it. I can rent cars, pay bills and have had direct deposit without ever having a problem.

I go to their website often and have never seen false advertising. I knew what I was getting when I applied for the card and am very happy.

Would highly recommend this card to anybody and have.

Wired Plastic serves a great purpose. Though it does cost $47.40 a year it is cheaper than paying overdraft fees or interest on a credit card. If you have had banking trouble or just do not like the banking industry try this card.


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I loaded my card on May 18th and couldn't use it to make my car payment, it was declined 13 times. I called customer service Sunday -Monday my card was reactivated three tines, I called western union, they said it was nothing they could do because Wired plastic has it I'm so stressed I'm contacting any and everyone I can, I CAN'T USE MY MONEY!! NOT COOL WIRED PLASTIC

Muncie, Indiana, United States #694350

Yes, Frank...WP serves a purpose, which is why I have not dropped them. I have been a customer about as long as you have.

The GOOD is that I have been able to do those things, rent cars and travel. I have moved all over the country and this card has been there for those basics. Their website is what I have come to expect of a financial institution.

I also agree with the interest on the credit card comparison. I am about to tangle with Capital One on their issues with their lack of customer service.


Anybody who speaks highly of wired plastic has got to be either paid to do so or works for the company. I've read 30 comments and only 3 were good so what does that tell ya?

Everything was fine when I first started just in the past 6 months they have gotten bad. Guess the economy has gotten to them too.

to anna Muncie, Indiana, United States #694358

I have been a customer since 2004 and they have went from MasterCard to VISA. Then recently, they are backed by Bank of America. I have been concerned since they have taken over.

to anna Birmingham, Alabama, United States #729223

No problems with them

I have had them probably longer than most. My ex loads child support on it for me.

I load it when I am buying things from the internet. My card has been to Jamaica and back a couple of times. When my purse was stolen I did not know until I got a text message from them saying load money. I only had 4 dollars on there.

I call the police and told them where the text came from. They found them. I rent cars buy gas and give it to my children with no problem.

I am not paid. i don't have to call customer service and I love the card.


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