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My debit card expired on 02/29/08.I have been asking these incompetent morons for a new card since 01/23/08.

I have contacted them both by phone and via their "message center". I get a new excuse from them every time! I am so fed up with this level gross negligence that I am tempted to spend a couple of hundred dollars to fly to Utah and

find this place myself. (It can't be that hard).

Maybe the Attorney General of the State of Utah could be of some assistance? There is a reason why they do not list a physical address! If I don't have a valid card, how am I suppose to access my paycheck? If I don't get my card by 03/07/08 when my next direct deposit is posted, I am going to contact my state representative, the Attorney General of the State of Utah, the Better Business Bureau as well as each and every member of the media that is within range of my voice and I am going to raise *** about this!

Those unqualified and incompetent degenerates do not deserve the jobs that they hold!

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Wired Plastic is profoundly incompetent or they keep from sending new cards while automatic deposits rack up to use peoples money, that's all I can figure. Old card expired on 11/11 and no matter how many times the company has been called and they say there's some mistake it will be sent right away, it doesn't come. Today is 2 months and still the same old run around.


I'm on the phone now have been off and on since Dec 22nd.My card exp the 31st.

Been arguing with them for about 3 weeks card suppose to of been sent out express mail now there telling me there's some hold on card and they don't know why.

I am with the guy wanting to call the ATTt general.I am and the news too.


Wired plastic is the worst and I'm willing to bet that the glowing reviews here are written by individual who are underpaid offshore Asian employess.


I've been using the services of WP for about 7 years or so.Here recently they have begun to become as dollar foolish but penny wise as these other jerks.The new form of RAPE aimed to us,is thier version of "PRE-AUTHORIZATION" of $50.00.

You stop at a gas pump and swip your card and just like that they take $50.00 dollars of your hard earned money. Now they hold it for "15 DAYS". Why I asked? They said because they are'nt sure what I intend to spend at the pump.

BULLSH!!!.They have the electronic transmission to your account at the time of the transaction, the same as if you were in a store.

They help themselfs to tens of THOUSADNS of "PRE- AUTHORIZATIONS A MONTH at $50.00 each time.Going to call for a investigation for this uncalled for RAPE of their patrons.


I have had my WP card for several years now.It is one of the lowest fee prepaid cards out there, believe me I have looked hi and low.

Anyway, I have not had one shred of trouble from them. The access to the website has always worked for me. Their customer service has always been helpful and thorough...and spoke good English btw.

Maybe I am the exception but I dont think so.Some of the cases here sound like "operator" error...


Sounds like a scary little company to do business with.I opened my account and deposited through an ACH from my bank.

No problems yet, but after reading the comments above, I would NEVER direct deposit my paycheck with this company! I use it for minor purchases only, Starbucks, restaurants, etc.

Thanks to those posting their negative experiences.I will limit my use of this card for sure.


The Login site is at:



i never had problems til now myself...two strokes last year so im limited in what i can do'''lost me complicated passeword and on the reset tghey cant email me one cause vtheir internet is down...looking in my gmail files i have nit gotten my daily alerts since oct 14...long time to be down...scary when i have so many auto pay bills and now live on a fixed income...i pray nothing bounces before now and my payday...i even told em i would pat themto mail me my password...the pain, stress and anxiety is tough

Ibague, Tolima, Colombia #21124

i haven't had any problems with wired plastic except for the log in. i do use the webite on the back of my card and it still takes me to other wired plastic options. they really should correct this.

Fastiv, Kyiv, Ukraine #14647

For all of you complaining about the login site.Maybe you should take your card out of your wallet and look on the back.

It gives you the web site.

WWW.MyWiredPlastic.com.Wow then you type that into the web search and wow low and behold the page comes up and there is a login up at the top....Why dont you save it to favorites and then you can all quite your b**chin.........

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